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  • 16-01-2021
  • AFC Bournemouth


    Luton Town

  • Michael Lees
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  • 16-01-2021
  • Torino



    Serie A
  • Michael Lees
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  • 16-01-2021
  • Fulham



    Premier League
  • Brandon Flynn
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  • 16-01-2021
  • Anorthosis


    Nea Salamis

    1. Division
  • Brandon Flynn
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  • 16-01-2021
  • Slovacko



    1. Liga
  • Asher Borgan
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October 2016
376.18 %

90% average records

Michael Lees


March 2017
393.44 %

81% average records

Callum Lynch


September 2016
354.51 %

89% average records

Gabriel Eyob


June 2017
400.71 %

89% average records

Jordan Moran


February 2017
347.13 %

79% average records

Park Wu


February 2017
84.53 %

79% average records

Best football betting tips for football games

Football is a game full of hits and misses. These in-field conditions and all the hoopla around these outside the field create lucrative opportunities for betting. Football betting has become a serious profession for many. Our team of tipsters is made up of professionals who deliver VIP betting tips that turn out to win majority of the times.

Only experienced tipsters giving you betting predictions

Our VIP betting prediction site hires the most experienced tipsters who have spent years of their lives in football betting. These tipsters are providing betting tips purely in a data-driven manner. Our clients have won betting tips based on our predictions that work 90% of the times. We select the tipsters on the basis of:

  • Their years of experience in football betting
  • ROI or yield percentage record
  • Full-time availability
  • Research and analysis aptitude
  • Knowledge about VIP betting pro tools, and so on.

Quality tips on football betting are not possible without tipster support. Our tipsters are experienced punters who have studied the game and betting strategies like no one else.

Hire tipsters here to get personalized betting tips

Our VIP betting tips site brings to you the best possible tipsters support. You can rely on our betting tips for maximizing gains from football betting. Some of the most sought after tipsters available here are:

  • Max Pickering – 300.12% yield
  • Kenneth Diago – 88.78% yield
  • Asher Borgan – 86.04% yield
  • Tom Spencer – 404.19% yield
  • Taylor Thorpe – 335.07% yield
  • Franky Lau – 82.84%
  • Simon Pang – 87.66%
  • Franky Thompson – 257.91%
  • Lesley Webb – 303.63%
  • David Spencer – 337.48%

All these tipsters have proven record and so they contribute to making our platform the most trusted among VIP betting tips sites that yield you lots of profits in return. Our site provides you match-wise allocation of tipsters so that you can pick the football match and bet on it. Our tipsters use proven analysis records, keep close eye on off-field and on-field developments and so, are capable to provide the most profitable betting tips in record time. We are the perfect go-to experts for tips for today and tomorrow matches.

Easy tips buying system

At Ora Bet, you will find soccer betting tips that are the easiest to rely on. You can reach the tipster profile and buy tips from them. You can also scroll through the betting chart that outlines all the matches happening in various parts of the world. The match-wise tip buying cart is provided against every match appearing in the table.

Type of bets for which tips are available

If you are a starter, here are the types of betting markets that we cover on our website. The vast pool of knowledge about all the bet types and corresponding betting tips provided by uscan help assure that you get better returns on the bet you place, every time. Our betting tips are the result of in-depth analysis performed by our team of tipsters and so have very high yield record.

The different betting markets that we cover are as follows:

  • a. Asian handicap

    Asian handicap is a type of bet in which a team is given a virtual head start at the beginning of the match. Mostly, this betting market is adopted when the match is between two teams are not closely matched in their technical abilities. It is used to increase your returns and also to avoid the chances of a draw.

  • b. Over/under

    Over/under bet is one where a particular number is taken and it is speculated that the total number of goals in the match will be over or under that number. The ‘under’ bet will win when the match score is less than the set number and you will lose the bet when the total of the goals on the scoreboard is above the number.

  • c. 1x2 fixed odds

    1x2 fixed odds betting means that you can place a bet on any one of the following:

    • Win
    • Lose
    • Draw

    It is also known as three-way betting. Normally, the draw situation was not considered a betting premise, and bettors could not generate profits from it. Thus, to increase the avenues for earning in a VIP betting site, the 1x2 fixed odds betting market has been introduced, where 1 stands for home team win, 2 stands for away team win and x stands for draw.

  • d. Correct score

    It is one of the toughest bets to make as the punter wins only when the correct score of the match is predicted. You cannot choose a range, as in the case of the Over/Under bet. The numbers on the scoreboard should exactly match your bet.

  • Get winning betting tips by filtering the matches based on betting type

    To offer added ease to the punters, Ora Bet offers its subscriber bettors the ease of selecting the match to bet upon by filtering the betting types. The above four betting types are what we excel in and our tipsters are the masters of these markets. So, you can match your preference with the options available and bet more in favorable bets without getting distracted.

  • Readymade VIP betting tips list

    Availability of football betting tips for tomorrow matches is a big relief for any bettor. Making decisions when you are short of time can be valuable. Our team of tipsters does the required homework for you and provides you the best scoring football betting tips for tomorrow matches. You can also find last-minute help in the form of tips for today matches on our site.

How our tipsters create betting tips

Creating lost or won betting tips correctly is not easy. It requires lots of research and data crunching. Our tipsters do a detailed study that involves the use of algorithmic tools of analysis to make VIP betting pro tips. They take into account following aspects to create sure win VIP prediction:

  • a. Player and team performance charts analysis

    Our tipsters take into account the current form of the star players appearing in the match. They also keep track of the team performance in the current and past seasons. On the basis of their analysis of the players’ and teams’ performances, they decide the odds and provide tips.

  • b. Form level and injuries of the star players

    All those players who are in strong form can lead their team to victory. The physical fitness of the players and their performances in away or home matches also help predict the outcome of any match. The quality of opposite teams against which the match is due is another factor taken into consideration for providing the best promising football VIP betting tips. Other factors affecting a team’s win or loss in any upcoming match include:

    • Opponent team statistics
    • Matches won or lost against opponent team
    • Home matches won or lost
    • Away matches won or lost
    • Pattern of goals scored
    • Past 6 or 10 games results of each team
  • c. Performance in home/away fields

    Current form, though, the strongest determinant of a betting tip is not the only factor we consider while providing football VIP betting tips. The teams tend to play differently when on home ground and when away. Some teams display outstanding performance in away ground too.

  • d. Play style of teams

    There are certain teams that are good in attacking while others specialize in defensive playing. Mostly, the correct score bet at our VIP betting site is derived from the play style that one can make out from the previous play performances of the teams in question. The kind of match defines the odds and it becomes easier to find out when the teams’ play styles are researched upon.

  • e. Team motivation to win the match

    Our VIP betting pro tipsters also study the excitement around the match. This is done by following player news, their teams’ motivation to play the match, and injury statuses of the players. The matches that are happening between strong rivals are considered close ones and result either in a high score match or draw. The tipsters at our VIP betting site follow past performances and motivation factors closely to provide the best quality tips.

  • f. Weather

    Visiting teams are largely affected by the weather in the home town. The players can feel tired if they had to travel a lot, or if they have been travelling too often. Since home team is accustomed to its home town weather conditions better, the match’s outcome is likely to turn into its favor that one can easily infer from the trends available at VIP betting site like ours.

Couchscore – Your trusted betting platform

We have developed our betting platform Couchscore to provide you the best betting experience. It offers you the best guidance on how to select Won betting tips to maximize your returns. Available at a small subscription fee that we use to support our full-time tipsters in their research, our system is your best go-to option for accessing VIP betting pro tips.

Advantages of using our betting tip platform for football betting

Platforms like Couchscore have all the features that a bettor needs to make the best use of the betting opportunities that our tipsters provide. The system comes with services that allow betting quickly and correctly with the help of user-centric experiences delivered through: The information about tips on all the bets reaches our users before anybody else.

Live match alerts

Every moment of a soccer match is worth betting upon. Our tipsters know this very well and offer complete support for making each moment count by turning it into a money-making proposition.

Apart from the popular bets, you can find live bets to put money on, such as:

  • Time of next goal
  • Time of next corner
  • Next player to score
  • Next team to score
  • Next side to get a shot
  • Next player to get warning or get booked

All these bets increase the thrill of betting on a match manifold times and also offer the best ways to cash upon VIP betting tips.

Why reach us for betting support

Ora Bet is the one stop solution for all your football betting needs. Our strength lies in the way we research and offer football betting tips real time. You can count on us for the best betting experience that we have been able to create through:

  • Our team of full-time tipsters working round the clock to give VIP tips for betting
  • Use of sophisticated games analytics tools for providing most accurate betting tips
  • Easy to navigate VIP betting site
  • Multiple options to bet upon
  • Buy tip right from the match table or from tipster profile page
  • Hiring tipsters for personal betting tip service possible
  • Scheduled alerts regarding tips and bets sent on mobile phones through SMS, e-mails
  • All payment gateways included for offering ease of making payments
  • VIP betting tips for tomorrow
  • VIP betting tips for today

We value both your time and money. So, our aim is to let you enjoy the match and bet upon it on all available possibilities. Our aim is to help you maximize your bet returns.

Football is a game of equals

1-1 is the most common final score in football. This is why our tipsters say that football is a game of equals. The matches are mostly organized in such a manner that the teams competing with each other are motivated to give their all.

There is a brilliant display of technique, form and strategy on both sides. Even when it is not a match reminiscent of the clash of titans, most soccer matches offer lots of thrill because of the drama arising due to fair play overlays, player dismissals, penalty corners and penalty stroke moments and so on.

The teams are put under the scanner and their attitude towards the game and the opponents is derived keeping these factors in focus:

  • Financial status of the participating clubs
  • Coaching team provided to the teams
  • Quality of players
  • Facilities provided to the team
  • Squad size

What are the factors that lead to 0-0 score at half time on the board?

Nil score board at the end of the game does not happen too often, but it occurs commonly at the half time and makes one of the most yielding VIP betting tips. The first half of the match is where both sides try to put their best foot forward. They enter the game with fresh energy and keep their mistakes to the least.

So, if they continue playing with same brilliance in second half too, the match is likely to finish into draw.

Most tipsters believe that 0-0 is one of the safest bets to place at the end of the first half. Again, the decision depends upon the strength, form, and play style of the teams .

Football leagues you get to bet upon at Ora Bet

One of the most interesting facts about football is that it is a very low-scoring sport. It would not be wrong to say that it is a sport where the endurance of the body and mind are tested. Perhaps, this is the reason 1-1 is the most common score found in most football matches . Having said that, the excitement around football betting never dies.

Listed here are some of the football leagues we cover at our VIP betting accurate tips site.

  • Bundesliga
  • English Premier League
  • Italian Serie A
  • UEFA
  • French Ligue
  • Copa America
  • FIFA World Cup
  • MLS
  • FA Cup
  • 2 Bundesliga
  • Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A
  • Ukrainian Premier League
  • Superliga Argentina
  • Confederation of African Football

Apart from these world famous leagues, all lower tier tournaments of world football are also covered by us.

Latest leagues that we have covered at Ora Bet are:

  • PremieraLiga
  • La Liga
  • Premier League
  • Super League
  • Eliteserien, and a few others.

The more the number of leagues and tournaments that are available for betting, the greater are the chances of spreading the risk. Thus, the betting tips available at our site for all the matches and leagues guarantee lots of earnings on a tournament to tournament basis throughout the year.

Reach to Ora Bet tips site today!

Ora Bet is your trusted betting tips site for winning VIP accurate tips for betting on live scores, today matches, and tomorrow matches, and tips on all popular football bets. Our tipsters are the finest football match researchers with yields sometimes crossing 300% and beyond.

We select our tipsters with extra care; their yield or ROI and years of experience say it all. So, you can reach us for VIP betting tips for the soccer tournaments and events going on right now, or due any time during the day or tomorrow or coming weeks.

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